What is Quick Liquor?

It's a coalition of liquor and food primary venues, masquerading as a fancy delivery service. We have an off-sales license which was recently permitted to service delivery.

When do you deliver?

Our van hits the road three times daily; once at 3pm, the second at 6pm and finally at 9pm. Orders made before 3pm can be expected to deliver on the first run, orders made between 3-6pm can be expected to deliver on the second run, and those made between 6-9pm can be expected to be on the final run.

Where does it deliver from and can I pickup?

From The Butcher & Bullock Public House at 911 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1L6 and yes, yes you may pick it up by selecting a time for 'Curbside Pickup' at checkout.

What is curbside pickup?

Did you select this at checkout? If yes, keep reading. There's a curb on the road in front of our pub on Pender Street, park there for a hot minute and msg us, we'll bring the goods out to you.

I'm both hungry and thirsty, what now?

You're in the right place for that thirst, make an order already. On the hunger front, we're here for you—jump onto our Uber Eats account and take care of that.

I'm outside of your delivery range, how do we do this?

We can probably make exceptions if you're incredibly charming and/or are willing to make a big 'ol order. Just shoot us an email or call. Our customer service reps are online from 12pm - 10pm daily.

I'm in this for the long-haul, have you got kegs?

Why yes, yes we do have those. Provided you're practicing responsible social distancing (no chance we enable your next basement rave) we can arrange for keg delivery. Just shoot us an email or call. Our reps are online from 12pm - 10pm daily.